Who is jake t austin dating now

Austin pulled out all the stop for longtime girlfriend Danielle Ceaser this week for a day at Disneyland.

, where they were co-stars until Jake abruptly left the show in 2015.

Shhh =x he just doesn't know it yet ;) yes I know I'm a freak : D." In 2012, she met her crush and got a photo with him at a Planet Hollywood, which she posted on Instagram tagging him. No word yet on how they officially got together, but celeb crushes everywhere just got way more serious.

TBH, we were way more interested in Sel’s hottie older brother David Henrie. Jake’s now full-on boyfriend material: A complete heartthrob, a sought-after actor, and an Instagram selfie king.

They met when the actress landed a guest role on as —- how cute is this —- the actor’s TV girlfriend!

Unfortunately, she only appeared on the show for that one episode (which was weird because in the ep, he likes her so much that he reveals he’s a wizard, and then we never see her again), but the pair continued seeing each other in the weeks following.

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