Updating interface of windows 8

The next major update to Windows 10 will bring a significant new look to Microsoft’s iconic software, reports have revealed.

Microsoft is finally replacing the interface that is displayed when users look to share content or items within an app.

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For more information on how to do that, check out our guide.Microsoft is restoring the Start button and adding a boot-to-desktop option in Windows 8.1, but they aren’t giving up on the Modern interface.The Modern interface has been dramatically updated, and it no longer feels quite as half-baked.Windows 8.1 is what Windows 8 should have been, and the Modern interface in Windows 8.1 is what should have shipped in the first place.Microsoft would have seen much less criticism if it did. You could snap apps in 70/30 view, so one app could only take up 30% of your screen, no matter how large that screen was.

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