Screw dating

The cost to my wallet and my well-being just wasn’t worth it. I began seeking out events and organizations that aligned with my interests and beliefs and were free for me to participate in. And I realized that I wasn’t the only person looking for connections,community and for love.

I also found that I wasn’t the only person who just couldn’t get the online process to work. I am so much happier meeting great guys organically in my day to day life.

Meaningless emails about our days, our interests, and minutiae that could have been covered face to face over coffee or at happy hour.

I couldn’t figure out why online dating wasn’t working for me.

What is stands out about this is not that I went out on a date, but that I decided to delete all of my online profiles for the various dating websites I tried to use at various times. I was honest about: But, every time I ended up online I felt like it was work. There's a reason why these are well-known rules: They work; they're tried and true.Generations of people have followed these rules, and turned out just fine; they found the loves of their lives, even.As someone who has been on the receiving end, here are some mistakes that have made me hit “delete” or, in the worst cases, “block” on my online dating messages.1.Sounding generic The way to a woman’s heart is making her feel worthy of the same message you’ve sent a dozen other women, right?

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