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A man who identified himself as Damond's son said in a Facebook video that she's the one who called 911 after hearing a noise in the alley near their home."She thought something bad was happening and next thing I know, they take my best friend's life," the man, named Zach, said in the video."They also described some incidents of physical assault that occurred from customers, including slapping, hitting, groping, restraining and choking." Martin told a city council committee Monday that workers often feel unsafe — especially during one-on-one interactions with customers in VIP areas.The Minneapolis Health Department started taking a closer look at adult businesses following a complaint about cleanliness at one of them.

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His feelings were shared by more than 200 people who gathered for a vigil Sunday near the spot where Damond died hours earlier.Markings may include Mpls Police or MPD, if space or design of the equipment does not permit full Department lettering.MPD Stores will provide uniform markings and advise units of the best marking for equipment type.Whenever the following conditions occur, MPD Finance shall be notified using the Inventory Transfer Form (MP-8000): Precincts, units or divisions wishing to dispose of equipment that no longer meets their needs shall refer to the City’s intranet site at refer to “Procedure for Disposal of Surplus Equipment” listed under “Policies Maintained by Contract Management.” **Note: The preceding link only works internally from the MPD’s intranet site.In addition, commanders are to provide MPD Finance with a written explanation of any items listed on an inventory, but not located at the time of a physical inventory.4-201.01 MARKING EQUIPMENT (07/19/07)All MPD purchased equipment shall be marked with the full Minneapolis Police designation before issue/use.

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