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Meine Daten Größe:160 Gewicht:47 Sternzeichen: Beruf: Zahnarzthelferin und Buchhaltung Sprachen: Thai und englisch, deutsch will ich lernen Kinder:keine Hobbys: Reisen, Basteln, .... Meine Daten Größe: 165 Gewicht: 64 Sternzeichen: stier Beruf: Reisbauer Sprachen: Thai Kinder:2 Thocter Hobbys:kochen Partnerwunsch: Auf der Suche nach einen Mann im geeigneten Alter. My girlfriend and a friend from her help me translate because i speakonly a little english.Suche einen PArtner mit dem ich das Leben teilen kann. Sehr gerne suche ich auch Single Bauern welche mit einer Partnerin eine Frau fürs Leben suchen.

With great power comes great responsibility and while the dark side of the force is strong, staying on the bright side of things shows who is a real gentleman. Oh by the way, we already covered the best dating sites & apps in Thailand & 5 things you shouldn’t say in your dating profile a while back but now let’s get down to the nitty gritty and get you your successful Thai dating profile. Half naked (let’s hope it’s only half what you show) pictures might make you feel strong, attractive or whatever but that doesn’t really go well over here in a rather conservative country. They might like what they see but will still have in mind that this is inappropriate and that people who use such pictures are “playboys” or “bad guys”.

It’s 2017 and chances are high you’ve tried online dating. And while the ‘bad guy’ image is one that can also work over here, there are other ways to use that to your advantage rather than posting such pics.

Don’t even try to hide it, I won’t believe you if you say no. What you should do is post a nice / neat picture of you as the main / cover pic and then maybe a few pictures in your profile that show what you do and that you’re likable, nice, active – or, if appropriate, a bad ass.

Now after having used Tinder or Ok Cupid at home might have worked somewhat, more often than not those dating profiles you used back then don’t work that well over here in Thailand. There are so many ‘bad boys’ here in Thailand that the nice guy actually kind of stands out.

Even you super awesome / funny picture doesn’t do the trick. So don’t be and – most importantly – don’t look like an ass.

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