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“On the other hand, men might be more wary of women who look like they’ve got a lot of relationship history.

They want to be the most important man in a women’s life.

Susan Quilliam is a psychologist with a passion for helping people have the best relationships they can possibly have; for over thirty-five years she has offered relationship support through her work as an author, trainer, consultant and coach.

As an author Susan has written 21 books published in 33 countries and 24 languages, including The Relate Guide to Staying Together (2001), described by The Times as ‘the only relationship book you'll ever need’.

I wouldn’t say that’s sexist necessarily, it’s just down to gender differences.” She added that selfies were a no-no for men because they so often looked uncomfortable when taking them.“The most important thing in your profile picture is to look welcoming – I haven’t found it matters so much whether it’s inside or outside – and that’s hard to do when you’re taking a picture of yourself.

Sadly we can’t offer personalised advice for free because we just get too many requests.

We want someone who understand our needs and our background, and also to help us grow and develop new skills, awareness, or make sense of something that remains unsettling, perhaps years after a trauma or thought pattern first emerged.""Looking for a therapist, and especially a queer or trans affirming therapist, can be a difficult and often complex process.

While emphasizing parents’ agenda, the group focuses on providing concrete means to foster positive parent-child relationships in an atmosphere that nurtures children’s development.

While parents can access information online, they might feel isolated, and struggle to find other parents who can understand their dilemmas or appreciate their family accomplishments.

While some parents find it easier to embrace gender-variance, other parents find themselves uncertain as to how best protect and nurture a child with gender fluidity.

My therapy style is direct (interactive) and empathetic.

Having started my career as an artist and theater-maker, I have an intimate knowledge of creative development and narrative needs.

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