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“It’s easy to obsess if you’ve been left with a question mark hanging over the relationship, but you mustn’t blame yourself.” “It could be down to the simple fact that they might be lacking maturity, or for some reason they’re just not tuned into your feelings,” he says. A healthy relationship is about mutual respect, having fun and feeling comfortable enough to speak out when you’re feeling a bit rubbish.It’s not about being ignored, treated badly, or being left in limbo wondering what the hell’s going on, only to be called when they feel like it.The great thing about dating is that you are not committing to a relationship, so you can use this process as a way to find out more about a potential partner, and if necessary, cut ties should he or she turn out to have abusive traits investing further in the relationship. They can maintain this control in a diverse number of ways: Although many people don’t realize this, excessive flattery and attention from a charming manipulator is actually a form of control because it keeps you dependent on their praise.If you find yourself being bombarded with text messages, voicemails, calls and e-mails on an hourly basis in the early stages of dating, keep a lookout for other signs.During every relationship, there comes a time when one person asks, "Are they sincere and dedicated to me?" Is my passion being returned equally by the other person?

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It’s not normal to be in contact with someone 24/7 especially if you’ve only gone on a couple of dates with them.

One day they’re all over you, the next you get the big brush off. Here’s what you can do if you’re constantly getting mixed signals.

Welcome to the heady world of hot/cold relationships.

Yes, and they are the same ones for dating a person without any diagnosis of mental illness.

Here’s my list of rules for dating a person with bipolar disorder: Again, I don’t think this list is exclusive to dating a person who has bipolar disorder. A person with bipolar disorder wants what any other person does from a romantic relationship.

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