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Once again, he set up Simba and the hyenas, and signalled for the hyenas to initiate the stampede.

Mufasa was again informed of the danger of his child, and while rescuing Simba, got himself into a fatal situation.

Silver bright carcasses litter the stream floor, no obvious signs of trauma, merely having succumbed to suffocation.

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Independent families of bears engaging in communal play and seasonal strangers pausing for group hugs is conclusive testimony to celebrating being furry, fat and friendly!I love being able to watch their activities on the cams.I highly recommend this place if pets are part of your family and you are looking for quality care! Parzuchowski “Our dog loves coming to daycare here.He gets super excited every time we pull in, and he sleeps a very content sleep after he comes home.The staff is great and obviously loves and cares for the dogs.

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