Dating large breasted women

I'm slim with a nice bum but I have a really flat chest, like I'm talking 32A and not-needing-a-bra flat. Even though I'm quite comfortable dressing in tight clothes I would never wear a bikini at this size and I always wear padded bras just to give you an idea My mum and sister have ample bosoms so looks like I got the short end of the stick and it really bothers me! Disappointed if you discovered how much of that chest was actually padding?I wanted guys' brutally honest opinions regarding a girl with a flat chest; none of this reassuring 'just be confident' / 'some guys will like flat chests' crap (which I know people say with good intentions but it's just not helpful) unless you genuinely know it to be true.

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I think “preferences” can change throughout your lifetime, so I think it should be OK to have a preference, if you are basing that preference on attraction.If we can’t directly observe the market for a mate, we only really have two options if we want to determine people’s preferences: ask people their preferences or observe the outcome of the market.Neither one of these options is satisfactory though.' to which she explained the dress was too tight to do so.Taking his antics a step further, the cheeky star then asked 'can I play your bongos?

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