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Larmo Belgian had two Kurassier Regiment until 1863.

Then they were disbanded and became Light Cavalry (Lancers) The lancers wore the tschapka untill the start of the Great War.

The newsplosion came from an experiment by Mark Haub, an associate professor in the department of human nutrition at Kansas State University.

In an effort to prove to his class the importance of calories in weight gain and loss, he decided to drastically change his eating habits. Because he restricted his new diet to a total of 1,800 calories per day.

Currently he serves as a board member on the Poudre River Library Trust, the Environmental Science Advisory Board of Larimer County, the Executive Committee of the Center for Collaborative Conservation at Colorado State University and the Board of the Colorado Education Initiative-STEM. Alper is a past, elected member of the (i) Board of Trustees of Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio.

(ii) Leadership Council of the Environment and Public Policy Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution, (iii) the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section Council for the Maryland State Bar Association (iv) the American Bar Association Committee on Use of Collaborative Processes by Federal Agencies to Improve Citizen Participation, (v) the Fort Collins Symphony Guild and (vi) the Legacy Land Trust.

He had more energy, stopped snoring, and not only did he lose enough weight to drive down his overall cholesterol and body mass index (BMI), his good HDL cholesterol crept up two points and his blood glucose — despite all that cream filling — dropped 17 percent.There is a copy of the 1925 Bannerman's catalog in our small reading room, this pattern helmet was offered for sale in that issue for the fantastic price of .50.Wow, wouldn't we all like to have purchased a dozen or so.This one has been on my hit list for awhile, a good friend in France just hooked me up with it!! Yes, they did wear a Kurass, there actually was one at the SOS, but it was trashed so I did not get it. Branching out is kind of fun, couple years ago started delving into French helmets and this just kind of caught my eye as the next one. This suggests to me that the later WWI helmet plate was a slimmed down and modified version of this badge no doubt.This helmet is very heavy and very ornate with real long horse hair plume. I just noticed that you have it on your German stand.

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